Monthly Archives: March 2017

Writing letters to creditors

The information about writing letters to creditors I actually found here, at Clark’s website. I just ran across it, though, so I haven’t written the letters yet.

Dave Ramsey also has an explanation.

If you google words like fair credit collection and such, you will probably come up with a variety of articles and sites that will give you that same information I think.

Actually, I do avoid answering unidentified phone numbers and 800 numbers and such – because I get a lot of telemarketers, and also my credit card companies call wanting to sell me other products. But with creditors, my own experience is that they keep calling back even if you don’t pick up …

But hopefully with hard work, and the help of this group which I am so glad to have found, I will be able to get to a place in the near future where I don’t have to anticipate such calls …