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I was 50,00 in debt in credit card debt

I was 50,00 in debt in credit card debt, and just got in under the wire for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. with having a debt thet large on credit cards it accumulates alot of interest so that you never get it paid off. my husband got laid off a good job and then did not find a permanent one for a long time did contract stuff etc. no benefits and when the jobs were done he got laid off again, also we bought a new house when he got a permenant job and then he got sick form the house fiberglass leaking out of the ducts made us all very sick substandard stuff very small, and also the chemicals at his job were toxic, tanning solution with no ventilation, and they would not leave the doors open, so he had to quit, we have moved to another state and are doing much better.

My suggestion is not write all your debt out on paper or on the computer call and find out the current interest rate that they are charging you. quit charging anything, lock them in a drawer, Then if you have any relatives willing to lend you any money call and talk to all them, you would be surprised who will help you sometimes, see if you can borrow some money with a no interest loan,and pay off the smaller cards first, and so on with your pay and his, until you only have a few cards left that could knock out about 20,000 quickly, and remember if you have medical bills lets say that you dont pay them they go on your credit but to go against you when trying to buy a house etc.

at least that is the law in texas, you might what to check the laws in your state. also i am a firm believer in using coupons, and quit going out to eat, it is cheaper to cook at home. If you have any teenagers at home you might encourage them to get a part time job to help and buy them selves things that they want. Also if you get credit card offers if you get good deal for a balance transfer at a lower interest rate you can transfer off a higher rate card to pay it off quicker, just dont use the card tho.