Debt settlement percentages?

Debt settlement percentages?

I am about 5-6 months behind and was recently offered .15 on the dollar to settle with BoA and that account exceeded $25,000.00. Does anyone know the settlement percentages of other cards. Their balances are less than $10,000.00, but greater than $5,000.00

Bank of America
Wells Fargo

Also, BoA tracked me down for a resolution and one of their options was the settlement offer, will these other cards do the same? Is it before or after charge off that they make a settlement offer? Should I send a settlement offer to them in writing to get the ball rolling?

My total debt is overwhelming and I am in a relentless pursuit to extinguish it the cheapest way possible. Thanks for any input, this forum has been a great help!

WOW! .15 cents on the dollar! I’m impressed! I too have an account with BoA that is like $20,000…and would love to settle!

I heard BoA is hard to deal with…but some of the posts on here give me encouragement.

I too am way in over my head, with business debt, that I’m personally liable for, and personal debt, that I think the only way out is to file bankruptcy. I’d love to settle, if I didn’t have the biz debt, I think I could do it.

I’m seriously contemplating bankruptcy, ch. 13. Our service van got repo’d tonight. My husband was recently diagnosed with ADD, and he can’t handle the business anymore…he is like a non-functional person right now. He needs a job where he is expected to be there…not to get the self-motivation to get out the door. STRESS!